Virtual exhibition “European Film and the First World War”

2014-03-24 | On occasion of the current commemorations of World War One, the European Film Gateway is now presenting a virtual exhibition about the history of film during the war years. Users can view ca. 120 clips from historical films as well as selected film posters and other film-related materials, arranged in thematic sections such as “Advertising the war” or “Cameramen at the front”. All clips were taken from films that 21 archives from all over Europe have digitised within the framework of the EFG1914 project since 2012.

Through seven key themes the exhibition gives insights into the film history of the First World War: Various sorts, genres and subjects, productions from belligerent and from neutral countries, conventional and experimental works, films promoting the war as well as films opposing it, reflect the full range of film production in the 1910s and its transformations resulting from the war. From each clip a link refers to the full-length film at the European Film Gateway.

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