Unknown film document of Estonian city Tartu discovered

2012-10-15 | The EFG1914 project provides the archivists from many countries the opportunity to compare and better describe their film material about the 1914-1918 period. Hence, a hitherto unknown film document showing the Estonian city Tartu was recently discovered in the process of the project.  It shows the city (called Dorpat in the footage) during the German occupation in 1918. Held at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands for many years already, this footage with the given title “Bezet Dorpat” was only briefly described, and attributed to the year 1915 in the catalogue. Now, thanks to the collaboration between the Dutch and Estonian partners in the scope of the EFG1914 project, the film is further identified. Mairold Kaus from the Estonian Archives says: “When it comes to Estonian history then I have to say that this film is quite a remarkable find! There’s nothing of the sort to be found in our collections and nor anywhere else in Estonia for that matter.”

EYE is currently digitizing the film and will be giving online access to it via the EFG portal later this year.



Tartu Stone Bridge (Kivisild)                                                     Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats)

Source: Estonian Film Archive