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2013-11-13 | This year’s edition of the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam  (20 November to 1 December 2013) will feature a series of documentary films about World War One. The programme section The First World War: The First War On Screen  has been curated by Elif Rongen-Kaynaci (EYE Film Institute), David Barnou from NIOD (Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies), and Bert Hogenkamp (Sound and Vision).

The documentaries are also available on the EFG Portal or will be made available soon.

 A Day in the Life of a Munition Worker   [GB 1917]; Source: Imperial War Museum London
Friedensverhandlungen in Brest-Litowsk [DE 1918];  Source:  Bundearchiv-Filmarchiv
Hochseefischerei der Deutschen Marine [DE 1918]; Source: Bundearchiv-Filmarchiv
Holland neutraal, de leger- en vlootfilm [The Netherlands 1917],  D: Willy Mullens, Source: EYE Film Institute
Lille im dritten Kriegsjahr [DE 1917]; Source: Bundearchiv-Filmarchiv
Der Magische Gürtel [DE 1917], D: Hanns Brennert; Source: Imperial War Museum London
Met onze jongens aan den IJzer [ Belgium, 1928], D: Clemens De Landtsheer, Source: Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique
Mrs. John Bull Prepared  [GB 1918], Source: Imperial War Museum London

On this occasion, Elif Rongen- Kaynaci will present on 24 November Moving tales from the trenches: EFG1914, featuring  films from EYE’s contribution to the EFG1914 project.

More information and the programme schedule are available at the IDFA website.


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Venue: Festival Theaters in Amsterdam

At this year’s edition a special programme will be dedicated to First World War Films

More information on the IDFA website

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Za èeskoslovenský stát / For the Czechoslovak State2013-10-01 | During this year’s Pordenone Silent Film Festival, EFG1914 partners show highlights from their collections relared to the First World War. The presentation will take place on Wednesday,  9th October from 14:30 – 16:30h in the Auditorium della Regione (Via Roma 2), Pordenone.

Within the scope of the EFG1914 project, 21 film archives are digitising a considerable amount of their WWI collections. For the Centenary of the First World War in early 2014, more than 600 hrs of documentaries, newsreels, amateur footage and feature films from and related to WWI will be available on the European Film Gateway and the Europeana websites.

Programme:  (pdf version)

Julia Welter (Deutsches Filminsitut- DIF), Thomas C. Christensen (Danish Film Institute)
Introduction to the EFG1914 project and Presentation of the European Film Gateway

Andrea Meneghelli (Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna)
Il sogno patriottico di Cinessino” (The patriotic dream of Cinessino), Prod: Cines, IT 1915, Dir: Gennaro Righelli

Luisa Comencini (Fondazione Cineteca Italiana); Excerpts from:
Azione della Regia Marina nel golfo di Trieste” (Action of the Royal Navy in the Tires gulf), Prod: Ministero della Marina, IT 1917
Guerra sull’Adamello” (War on the mountain Adamello), IT 1918, Dir: Luca Comerio
I martiri d’Italia” (The Martyrs of Italy), Prod: SA Pittaluga, IT 1917,  Dir: Domenico Gaido

Tomáš Lachman (Národní filmový archiv), Excerpts from:
Počátek čsl. odboje na Rusi”  (Beginning of Czechoslovak Resistance Movement in Russia), CZ 1928
Ceskoslovenští dobrovolníci ve světové válce 1914-1918” (Czechoslovak Volunteers in the World War 1914-1918), Prod: Památník osvobození, CZ 1914
Za československý stat” (For the Czechoslovak state), Prod: Ministerstvo národní obrany, CZ 1928

Bruno Mestdagh (Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique)
Met onze jongens aan den Ijzer” (With Our Troops on the Yser), BE 1928-1929, Prod/Dir: Clemens De Landtsheer

Anke Mebold (Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF); Excerpts from:
Hunger Blockade Germany“, DE/US ca. 1919, Prod/Dir: William Held
My trip to Germany“, DE/US 1919-1922, Prod/Dir: William Held

Oliver Hanley (Österreichisches Filmmuseum)
Life in Young Soviet Russia: “Kinonedelja” (Kino-Week), Issue 22, RU 1918, Dir: Dziga Vertov

Elif Rongen–Kaynakçi (EYE Film Institute Netherlands) ; Excerpts from:
The Burning  Question“, US 1919, Dir: unknown
The Other Half“, US1919, Dir: King Vidor
The Right to Happiness“, US 1919, Dir: Allen Holubar
Mr. Harold Lloyd besucht “Haus Doorn” gelegentlich des “Herminen-Hilfwerk” Basars“,  (Mr Harold Lloyd visits ‘Doorn House’ on the occasion of ‘Herminen-Hilfswerk’ bazaar), Prod: Orion Profilti,  NL 1932


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Venue: Public Library, Piazza XX Settembre, Pordenone (Italy)

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The 27th edition of the Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna will take place from 29 June through 6 July 2013. The festival is organised by Cineteca di Bologna. This year’s programme will include two screening with films digitised in the scope of the EFG1914 project. More details soon.

Official website:

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