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NOTE: You are viewing the EFG1914 project website, which provides information on the background of the project. Here you can find information on project partners or read reports produced within the project. If you are interested to see films and find out more about the available collections, please visit:  



About EFG1914

EFG1914 is a digitisation project focusing on films and non-film material from and related to World War I.  It started on 15 February 2012 and runs for two years. 26 partners, among them 21 European film archives, are working towards the following  main goals:

  • To digitise 661 hours of film and ca. 5.600 film-related documents on the theme of the First World War
  • To give access to the material through the European Film Gateway and Europeana
  • To build a virtual exhibition using selected objects digitised in EFG1914

covers all the different genres and sub-genres relevant in that time: newsreels, documentaries, fiction films, propaganda films. Moreover, EFG1914 will also give access to anti-war films that were mainly produced after 1918 and which reflect the tragedies of the 1910s. This material is of special importance since only around 20% of the complete silent film production survived in the film heritage institutions. Therefore, EFG1914 set out to digitize a crucial part and a critical mass of these remaining moving image records, mostly undiscovered by the public.

EFG1914 is the follow-up project of EFG – The European Film Gateway (2008-2011). The main outcome of the EFG project is the online portal The European Film Gateway, which gives access to several hundreds of thousands photos, films, texts and other material preserved in European film archives. More information on the initial EFG project can be found here.

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